In the age of agility and Robotics, every organization is tasked to deliver at minimal cost and time, hence every mind is busy looking for alternatives, and hence Leveraged Integrations is here to make that task a little simple.

There were times when the number of employees on payroll was means to define the size and growth of the company, however things have changed drastically, many companies has incurred huge losses, due to which they have to cut down on their headcount, yet they need to deliver without impacting the service levels committed to their clients. The “How” is answered by the concept of Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing empowers you to get an access to a boundless pool of minds, experience, expertise, and viewpoints, as it offers solutions which are

  • Cost Effective
  • Creative
  • Low on Risk
  • Quality Service
  • Global Reach

Require a squad of engineers who specialize in databases or hydraulics? Simple! Post it out there into cyberspace and watch qualified and brilliant engineers and specialists weighing in their ideas and concepts!

Leveraged Integrations combines the concept of Leveragability and Crowdsourcing to achieve great results.

You are not restricted to your existing workforce, instead you can adapt to the most flexible plan, based on your demands (highs and lows).

It is one way to make use of world population of billions, engage them to work for you, yet you do not have to make them your employees, Pay as you go.

Multiple companies have already adopted the concept partially and deriving greater results.